Thursday, 22 March 2007

Our first naked handstand video!!!

It is with great delight that we have received our very first naked handstand video!

Filmed in Chamonix, France we are now in the process of editing out recognisable features (ie, face!) so as to ensure this super-cool naked handstanders remains anonymous...

Know anyone who's been to Chamonix lately???......

Will post it at very soon.

Wednesday, 31 January 2007

Naming and Shaming

OK guys - the nakedhandstand team have been putting the word out across the globe - from New Zealand to New Hampshire, Tokyo to Tottenham, Amsterdam to Amersham - and we've had hundreds of promises.
Empty promises.
So here - we're going to name and shame.

OK - so it goes completely against the ethics of the nakedhandstand vibe to actually name - but you know who you are.


Promises have been made and, so far, undelivered from : -

  • the guy in Ireland who offered a naked handstand with his 'bits' body painted in the colours of the Irish flag

  • the 2 firemen who were showing off when they'd gloated about performing a double handstand, up against their 'pole' - wearing their firemen hats and black boots(!)

  • the woman who was going to naked handstand under the huge willow tree in the park

  • the local Rugby team who promised a 'club' handstand against the wall of the club hut, wearing their rugby boots and stripey socks.

  • the woman who would wear a Margaret Thatcher rubber mask whilst handstanding

  • the entire gig venue at a recent Dirty Sanchez show

  • the man who offered a christmas handstand, with a sprig of mistletoe dangling from between his toes

Look here for more shameful broken promises - and maybe, just maybe, you might be inspired to do one yourself!!!


We have received the first video of a naked handstander - but - OK smart arse - the camera is supposed to be ON YOU!!! We're interested to know how you managed this - mystery handstander - we can only suspect that you wore the camcorder in a davy-lamp fashion, perhaps strapped to your forehead. Wish someone had been videoing YOU videoing yourself!!

Here - if anyone has any ideas - keep em flowing to us. We love the idea of spoof handstanding videos!